┬áN PLUS with a high percentage of nitrogen from four main sources along with various amino acids, organic substances and organic carbon causes rapid plant growth and better and more fruit formation, and due to its pure compounds and advanced formulation, it can have its effect in a short time on plant N Plus is used from the beginning to the end of the season based on the plant’s need for nitrogen. N Plus can also be used with all kinds of poisons and fertilizers and reduce the shock caused by pesticide use.

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Total Nitrogen (N)


Total Amino Acids


Free Amino Acids


Organic Ccarbon


Organic Matters


Method of Use

Directions for use

Foliar: Cultivation and Greenhouse: 500 ml liters per 100
Liter water ( 2 Liters per hectare)
Gardens: 500 ml in 130 to 150 liters (3 to 4 liters per
1000 Liter Water)
Along with fertilizers and pesticides: consumption is halved
Fertigation : 4 – 6 liters per hectare (irrigation systems – hydroponics)