N-pHORIC 90 is a unique and multi-purpose composition as a plant nutrient composition, modifying the physical and chemical properties of soil (especially saline and alkaline soils) and irrigation water, as well as removing sediment from salts and nuisance algae from drip irrigation systems. This compound, having a high percentage of sulfur while supplying the sulfur required by plants, can protect the plant against soil diseases such as Pythium, Phytophthora, potato scab disease, fungi and soil nematodes and management To make possible the damage of broomrape in fields and gardens. The nitrogen in this product can be absorbed through the roots in all irrigation systems. This combination can help increase the absorption of nutrients in the soil, such as phosphorus

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Total Nitrogen (N)


Sulfur (SO4)


Sulfur (S)


Method of Use

All crops: 10-20 L/ha, 2-3 times during growing season