Liquid Sulfur

Liquid Sulfur is a high analysis and easy-handling liquid sulfur product which could be employed both as a source of plant nutrient sulfur and a soil rectifier. Liquid Sulfur involves in many enzymatic activities as well as the synthesis of beneficial compounds in oily seeds, bulbs and fruits. It has maximum nutrient mobility and efficiency. Liquid Sulfur is a liquid soil rectifier that alters the chemical and physical structure of agricultural soils, making it more prepared to growing crops. Furtheremore, Liquid Sulfur improves air and water penetration, allowing excess salts to leach away. The usage of Liquid Sulfur increases the availability of other important

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Soluble Sulfur (SO3)


Method of Use

Foliar Application
Gardens: 5-3 L per 1000 L of water for trees
Crops: 3-2 L per ha for crops
20-10 L per ha