Filla is an organic biostimulant based on amino acids, biostimulants, organic substances and auxin and cytokinin hormones. This product  stimulates the division and longitudinal growth of cells, creates and maintains plant organs, stimulates root growth, increases chlorophyll and photosynthesis, accelerates growth and cell division, improves performance and quality of fruiting, and improves resistance to environmental stresses

Product details

Additional information

Total Nitrogen (N)


Phosphorus (P2O5)


Potassium ( K2O)


Magnesium (MgO)


Organic Matters


Free Amino Acids


Method of Use

For all field and greenhouse crops
0.5 Liter (500 ml) /ha for foliar application
For fruit and ornamental trees
0.5 Liter (500 ml) /1000 L of water for foliar application
At least 25 days,until the next use